"Arbor Creek are a Progressive Psychedelic Blues Rock outfit from Illinois who I'm fairly certain are well on their way to being the next big American Alt Rock act" ~ A&R Factory London England.

First full-length album available now on all major music sites! 

2017 Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands Winner!

“From this mix of inspiration we get a very cool hybrid of guitar-driven Southern-Blues-Psychedelic-Progressive-Jam Band-Hard Rock. Such a mash of sub-genres will cause Arbor Creek to be put under the extremely vague name of Alternate Rock, but they are much much more.” (Blues Rock Review. “Arbor Creek: Arbor Creek Review. June 6, 2018. http://bluesrockreview.com/2018/06/arbor-creek-arbor-creek-review.html).




"Arbor Creek is a bluesy rock band
with southern rock influences from
Joliet, Illinois. Their sound is, of course
, uniquely their own, but classic acts like
The Allman Brothers Band and Led Zeppelin
are audible influences." - OLStudio

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Arbor Creek at Hotel Blotto


Wilmington Octoberfest

Closing act; 8pm - 10 pm.